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Poster Boys 2017 Watch full movie online free. The Poster Boys movie is the Indian Hindi-language comedy film. It is co-produced and directed by the Shreyas Talpade who is making his directorial debut.

Three strangers Jagaavar Chaudhary a retired military officer, Vinay Sharma a school teacher and Arjun Singh a recovery agent are unknown to each other. Additionally, Jagaavar Chaudhary’s sister’s engagement gets can celled. Vinay Sharma’s wife threatens to divorce him. And Arjun Singh’s father in law to be disapproves of him for the hand of his daughter Riya. However, the reason is unknown to the three until they come across a poster promoting vasectomy which has them promoting vasectomy without their knowledge.

bobby Deol, Sunny deol and shreyas talpade are the lead role players in the film. Shreyas Talpade directed the film and Bunty Rathore wrote the script of the film.

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